Public Health News From Medical News Today
Public Health News From Medical News Today
Public health is the science of protecting and improving the health of families and communities through the promotion of healthy lifestyles, research for disease and injury prevention and detection and control of infectious diseases. Public health professionals try to prevent problems from happening or recurring through implementing educational programs, recommending policies, administering services and conducting research. A large part of public health is promoting health care equity, quality and accessibility.

  • Fifteen home remedies for acne
    Many home remedies can help people reduce their acne by treating oily skin, killing bacteria, and providing antioxidants. Natural treatments that reduce acne flare-ups include aloe vera gel, honey, and tea tree oil. Learn about 15 natural home remedies and how to use them to improve acne, pimples, and oily skin here.

  • Asthma: A healthful diet may prevent symptoms
    A new study shows that a balanced diet may help people with asthma better manage their condition and reduce the severity of their symptoms.

  • Diabetes risk increased in women who work long hours
    A new study finds that women who work 45 hours per week or more have a heightened risk of developing diabetes. However, men were not affected.

  • Signs of alcohol withdrawal syndrome
    Alcohol withdrawal syndrome is the cluster of symptoms that may develop when someone who is alcohol dependent suddenly stops drinking. Alcohol affects many body systems, so the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal syndrome can vary widely. In this article, learn about the signs and symptoms, as well as the treatment options.

  • MS: Solvent exposure raises risk by 50 percent
    A new study shows that a combination of smoking, genetic predisposition, and exposure to solvents increases the risk of developing MS by 30-fold.

  • Foods and meal plans for iron deficiency
    Anemia occurs when the body lacks red blood cells. A person may have a condition that destroys these cells, or the body may not produce enough. Adding iron-rich foods to the diet can help. Here, learn which foods contain high levels of iron and which make absorbing it harder. We also give some meal plan ideas and more.

  • What causes a nosebleed at night?
    Nosebleeds can occur at any time, and some people only experience them at night. A range of factors may be responsible, including colds, chemical exposure, and heavy alcohol use. Home care can stop most nosebleeds, but if they recur, a person should see a doctor. Here, learn more about nighttime nosebleeds.

  • What causes a headache with nausea?
    Headaches and nausea are common complaints. When the two symptoms occur together, a range of health issues may be responsible, including migraines, the flu, a cold, dehydration, food allergies, or too much caffeine, nicotine, or alcohol. Here, we explore the causes, treatment, and prevention of a headache and nausea.

  • Fifteen good foods for high blood pressure
    The diet has a strong influence on blood pressure. Certain foods are scientifically shown to reduce high blood pressure, including berries, bananas, and oats. In some cases, dietary changes alone can lower blood pressure to normal levels. Learn more about good foods for high blood pressure, or hypertension, here.

  • What is a slit lamp exam?
    A slit lamp exam is a routine procedure where a doctor shines a light into the eye to look for injuries or diseases. These may include a detached retina, corneal abrasion, or cataracts. Abnormal results can also indicate infection, inflammation, or increased eye pressure. Learn more about the slit lamp exam here.

  • Rare case of bubonic plague reported in Idaho
    This week, the case of a young boy contracting plague has been in the news. Here, we cover the details and offer advice for those who are concerned.

  • Religious belief may extend life by 4 years
    A new study of over 1,500 obituaries finds that religious affiliation is linked with a 4-year longevity boost. Social conformity may play a role.

  • What to know about Freon poisoning
    Chemicals used as cooling agents in refrigeration and air-conditioning units can be deadly if inhaled. This rarely occurs by accident, but some people inhale these chemicals, commercially known as Freon, to get high. Read on to find out about the dangers and what to do if someone shows signs of refrigerant poisoning.

  • Frozen orange juice may be more healthful than fresh
    Contrary to popular belief, frozen orange juice defrosted to room temperature may be a better source of healthful nutrients, shows a new study.

  • Nutrition 2018: New data confirm health benefits of plant-based diet
    A raft of new studies presented at the recent Nutrition 2018 conference sing the praises of a vegetable-based diet. The evidence keeps on mounting up.

  • 'Millions' prescribed wrong dose of common drugs
    By updating old cardiovascular risk analyses, researchers alter the guidelines for prescribing statins, aspirin, and blood pressure drugs.

  • How do you know if you have a cracked tooth?
    Cracks in teeth vary in severity. Some are mild and invisible, while others are significant and cause a lot of pain. Dentists judge the extent of damage by inspecting the tooth and taking X-rays. Here, we describe how to tell if a tooth is cracked and when one needs removing. We also explore other treatment options.

  • Are humans still evolving?
    Have humans stopped evolving? Has modern life side-stepped natural selection? In this Spotlight, we provide evidence for modern human evolution.

  • How much should seniors exercise to improve brain function?
    A new review analyzed several randomized controlled studies to figure out what is the ideal number of hours needed to improve thinking skills in seniors.

  • What is the difference between heatstroke and heat exhaustion?
    Heatstroke and heat exhaustion are two conditions caused by spending time in extremely hot weather. If left untreated, heat exhaustion can lead to heatstroke, which is more serious and can be life-threatening. Learn about the differences in symptoms and treatments here, and how to prevent heat-related illnesses.


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